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Benefits of After-School Activities

As we begin a new school year, we are seeing another shift in the new normal. The 2020-2021 school year was very difficult for our little ones that had limited interaction and out of class activities options in terms of socialising at school. With the constraints of being in the same pods all day, with little or no physical activities, field trips and after-school programs; children have become extremely restless. With the new announcement from the government we are so happy for children throughout the UAE that they will now get to explore new things to do in the UAE and continue their learning even after school is out. After-school activities are a great way to expose children to new interests and develop current interests with fun activities. We are excited to announce our new after-school activities for children that we will have available weekly throughout term 1 Sunday-Thursday from 2pm-5pm with extracurricular activities.


Here are some benefits of afterschool activities for all children that will help with their growth, development and more fun adventures.



After-school programs outside of the school environment are a great way for your child to make new friends. Being outside school can offer a break from any usual circles of friends or social concerns. They are a place for children to play and also thrive in an environment where they are able to explore, take risks and create independently from constant instruction or rules with special activities.


For children who lack confidence or have learning challenges, an afterschool program with interesting indoor games may feel more forgiving than school. The stakes may not feel as high. Children may be more willing to try, learn, and explore new things in an indoor place and take more positive risks. This, in turn, can lead to higher self-esteem.

Mental Stimulation

These programs feed the inquisitiveness for knowledge by developing and introducing advanced opportunities and ideas regarding various topics. Such programs help keep children sharp and their minds active.

During the month of September woo-hoo! is introducing series of classes that aim to extend the children’s’ knowledge with exciting and fun hands-on activities. Click HERE to learn more about woo-hoo!’s After-school activities.

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