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Baby Arabia at woo-hoo!

Baby Arabia Offers a Baby & Toddler Programme in Arabic at woo-hoo! this month – A Playful Way To be in Arabic

Fun and interactive language classes significantly improve language confidence for all. Baby Arabia, a baby & toddler group, offers parents a varied program of playgroup-style sessions in Arabic for toddlers, young children, and their caregivers – a unique chance to have “mummy & baby time” but in Arabic. 

English is the primary spoken language in Dubai, and most babies and toddlers programs are in English. We wanted to offer the same opportunity to Arabic-speaking families, mixed marriages & parents who like the idea of doing something with their toddler. At the same time, they also learn and pick up a few words. We want to provide a playful arena for all and allow young families to be immersed in Arabic in a fun way.

Baby Arabia’s classes are for native and non-native speakers, which puts many mums and caregivers at ease. The workshops all about making toddlers love the language they are playing through music, sensory play, motor skill activities, messy play, and communication. Baby Arabia helps parents in the same way as toddlers as it is encouraging to be in their mother tongue, have bonding time, and develop motor and sensory skills; and for non-Arabic speakers allows them to get a taste of a new language. All this while creating a positive connection with Arabic, bonding with “caregiver,” and making new friends. 

Toddlers don’t care what language they play in, they just like to have fun, and to them, they learn subconsciously, but caregivers and parents know “big time.” The program’s success and educational focus are based on gentle yet stimulating language immersion games, teacher-child interaction, visual aids, songs, games, art, and playtime to bring new and exciting languages to life. Through singing, dancing, and play, children also build confidence and develop motor skills and coordination, greatly enhancing the learning process. 

Baby Arabia formed the original multi-lingual “Mother & Toddler Group” in Dubai, and they were the first company of their kind to offer the Arabic language through play. Welcomed as a valuable educational preschool language solution, many native and non-native speaking families have participated in Baby Arabia programs over the past decade, as well as being an essential solution for many nurseries offering languages.

About Baby Arabia.

At Baby Arabia, foreign languages are introduced by a team of passionate and educated women who love to teach children and share their language and culture with others. Our teachers work with parents and caregivers in a positive and playful environment to help children enjoy language learning. This foundation learning also greatly benefits children in primary school once they start their formal language training.

Baby Arabia Story.

“I was born in Kuwait to a British mother and a Palestinian father. I am lucky to have always spoken English and Arabic, and I learned Spanish as an adult. I also have a basic understanding of French and Norwegian – a combination of languages that has opened the world to me. Later, I married a lovely Norwegian man, and now we have two beautiful sons – the cultural diversity continues,” said Nadia Wehbe, the founder of Baby Arabia.” Once I became a mother, I realised the importance of passing on the joy of being able to speak in multiple languages to my children, but I knew that it had to be in a genuinely child-like way. I wanted d to do things with my son in Arabic since he wouldn’t hear it enough between our family and friends, so I searched the community for support in Arabic and for toddlers but couldn’t find it. That is how Baby Arabia was born. Three years on, we have helped many families who want to keep their native tongue and to others introduce a new language at home, and we continue to expand our operations across the Emirates.”

For details on Baby Arabia or to book your child’s language sessions in Arabic or French, visit Baby Arabia’s website and Facebook page. 


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