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Back To School Tips

After a long summer locally or abroad, it is finally time to start getting ready for school again. With our day to day routines forever changed by current events there are some things that never change. Back to school is an exciting time for children. For children going to nursery it is a new step in the foundation of their learning. An opportunity to break away from home and start discovering their independence, social skills, new routines and more! For children making the transition from nursery to big school it is a time when they feel excited and nervous to start a new journey in a new environment and make new friends. With children that are returning to school from summer holidays they can be delighted to be going back to school and meeting their friends. Every child’s experience will be different. It is important to find that balance of encouraging your child to be confident, independent and ready to go to school, while validating some of their feelings if they are scared, nervous or apprehensive. 

We have compiled a couple of tips to help your child with preparing to start school again. 

  • Sleeping routine – Start getting back into your sleeping routine 1-2 weeks before school starts. Children need time to adjust to new routines. This will give them time to acclimate gradually.  
  • Independence – Encourage your children to start preparing their things on their own. For example they can pack up what they need if you are going out for the day, or help setting the table at dinner time. 
  • Encourage them – Talk to your child about how they feel about starting a new school or returning to school. Encourage them to express their feelings and have an open conversation about their fears, concerns and excitement.
  • School bags – Ensure that your child has the right bag to help them through the school day. Depending on their age that might mean a big bag with wheels to tote their snacks, lunches, change of clothes and water bottles or a bag they can carry on their backs for their tablets, snacks, school supplies, etc. Take time to see what your child’s school will require them to bring daily and plan accordingly. 

These are just a few tips to help you start the new school year off right! We hope that you find them helpful and wish you and your children a great new school year! 

If your little one is getting ready for school and you would like to introduce them to other kids, woo-hoo! is a great option for doing so. woo-hoo! is a state-of-the-art children’s museum located in Al Quoz, Industrial Area 1. We have 10 different galleries with over 50 exhibits and cater to kids aged 0-12 years old. We also have an exclusive gallery for kids aged 3 and below. It is a shoe-free, sock-only gallery perfect for your little ones to start exploring the world around. 


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