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woo-hoo! blogs will be covering a variety of topics related to children and parenting. From DIY activities kids can do on their own, to healthy snack options you can enjoy together, we are here to support all of our busy parents and learners.
  • Every parent of young children in the UAE faces the same dilemma – is nursery, nanny or school the right option for your little one? It’s a heart-wrenching decision, rife with conflicting pros and cons and so many variables to

  • We know how important it is for our children to reach their full potential in life. A large part of this lies in developing their character through martial arts. Warrior Academy has a series of character development programs for your

  • We’ve all been there, the relentless nagging from your child about the toy they simply ‘have to have’ only to discover said toy banished to the bottom of the toy chest never to be seen again after just a few

  • Outdoor play is an essential part of childhood development. It aids children develop their gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

  • New school year, new activities. Back to school is an exciting time after a long summer holiday.   

  • Baby Arabia Offers a 'Baby & Toddler Programme' in Arabic at woo-hoo! this September – A Playful Way To be in Arabic  

  • We're excited to welcome Fruitful Day products to our birthday party menu!  

  • Mindful children is a program designed for your children to help them be independent thinkers and build their self-confidence.   

  • Muma's Momo's are made with the special touch of a mother’s warmth, and are catered for the hungry children in all of us at The Nest café in woo-hoo! The dumplings are made with the best of ingredients, by skilled

  • Lex and Fox is founded by a Dubai mum of three beautiful children, her passion for nature has led her to open a small business dedicated to enriching her three young children’s playing environment. 

  • Fiona Latif helps parents through conscious parenting to deal with children emotions and build awareness of children’s behaviour.

  • Promoting healthy eating habits for children, with a wide range of snacks and baby biscuits. woo-hoo! Is excited to announce that Koala Picks products will now be available at The Nest.

  • Katie Jane offers an interesting journey through bespoke classes. The greatest benefit is that it will help your little one’s brain develop by sparking curiosity in the different responses from signs

  • ClubsComplete will be taking over the Science sessions in woo-hoo!. We are introducing MadLabs in woo-hoo! and look forward to welcoming all our young guests.

  • At ezpz, we give parents the tools and knowledge to teach their babies and toddlers to feed independently. Each product is tailored towards a specific age group and usage occasion. The mat’s stable base helps the baby/toddler self-feed and meet

  • The month is Ramadan is so much more than abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. It’s a chance for us to do a cleanse and detox physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In this month’s self-love corner I’m

  • woo-hoo! is delighted to partner with Koala picks and serve their products at our in-house cafe, The Nest. During the holy month of Ramadan, we will be hosting a healthy snack workshop brought to you by Koala Picks to show

  • Eezee Doodles was set up by two Emirati mums who wanted to give the world the gift of meaningful play. All their products are designed in the UAE for people of all ages. They are sustainable, imaginative and fun -

  • Medaf is a creative Studio and art space that ignites curiosity of tomorrow’s innovators, through utilizing multi-disciplinary art practices. Medaf targets building and developing the skills set of children and adults through art related workshops. Medaf is an Arabic word

  • If you have a kindergartener, chances are that you have come across CVC. In this article you will understand what are CVC words, why are they important and also get equipped with some educational resources and ideas to make CVC

  • A special selection of Vedic Teas products is now available at The Nest - woo-hoo!’s inhouse Cafe. It is the perfect place to rest after a busy day or while you watch your little ones play.

  • As patients and parents in the UAE, we are continuously seeking over the counter antibiotic therapy, whether it is clinically indicated or not. Dr. Jenna will be talking about this during her session in woo-hoo! on the 5th and 12th

  • Aliya will be taking a session at woo-hoo! For parents on the 9th & 23rd February at 10:30AM. woo-hoo! is a state-of-the-art children’s museum located in Dubai. Best for children between the ages of 0-12 years old woo-hoo! has 10

  • When it comes to the development of your baby’s brain, toys available in the market don’t always make the cut as they aren’t necessarily designed for cognitive development, which is why Rana El Sakhawy founded MonkiBox, a first of its

  • Thank you for joining us at woo-hoo! on the first year of our journey serving you! We have enjoyed too many firsts over the past 3,789 hours, 421 days, 60 weeks, and 14 months! We had the pleasure; of experiencing

  • Balanced nutrition means ensuring that children get all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients with the food. The food your children eat now can have a major impact on their well-being throughout their lives. Ensuring that food contains key nutrients

  • Conscious parenting works as a conversation starter between parents and children and helps bridge the gap. It helps parents to accept children for who they are and where they are in their personal development.

  • As the year comes to an end, it is time to set new goals and resolutions. Life Smoothies has a variety of delicious, tasty drinks perfect to enjoy with your friends and family. Did you know? Their line of milkshakes

  • Emirati and proud! In a fast-changing environment, you can still raise bilingual children who are deeply connected to their roots. As they grow, the Luma Emirati Flash Cards will help them develop their appreciation for the UAE’s rich culture that

  • EEZEE Doodles is a company, set up by two proud Emirati moms that aim to provide the world the gift of sustainable, quality and meaningful play items. Each one of their doodles teaches the little curious learners something valuable –

  • EEZEE Doodles is a company, set up by two proud Emirati moms that aim to provide the world the gift of sustainable, quality and meaningful play items. Each one of their doodles teaches the little curious learners something valuable –

  • At woo-hoo! We want to do our part to reduce waste and reuse materials. We offer different project cards for children to reuse recycled materials and apply their imagination to create unique masterpieces. Children are also encouraged to use their

  • October brings us some exciting new activities. In recent weeks Dubai is abuzz again with life and events. This month we will welcome the start of Expo 2020 finally! At woo-hoo! we welcome three big events and the continuation of

  • Mindfulness for children develops the practice of bringing a gentle and accepting attitude to the present moment, and creating a bonding activity, helps them connect with their thoughts and feelings, improving their mental health and wellbeing.

  • After-school activities are a great way to expose children to new interests and develop current interests. This is also a great opportunity for your child to evolve socially and make new bonds and relationships. In their time at woo-hoo! they

  • Discovering the Principles of Art and Design will develop your child’s journey in building a solid foundation for creating art through practical skills. Click here to learn more about the Principles of Art and Design workshop being held at woo-hoo!

  • Make a mess? YES! The toddler time workshop is a great opportunity for your child to explore messy play and help build their imagination, investigative skills, communication and explore their feelings. Click here to read more information about it.

  • After a long summer locally or abroad, it is finally time to start getting ready for school again. With our day to day routines forever changed by current events there are some things that never change - back to school.

  • Art has traditionally been an important part of early childhood programs. In the early days art activities were important, not only because they allowed teachers and parents to recognize children with unusual abilities, but because they encouraged each child's "full and

  • We are committed to creating opportunities in our galleries and programs that support the crucial development in key areas to help  you and your child learn together. At woo-hoo!, we are also committed to helping each parent with resources to

  • Keep your kids from getting bored while keeping the toy box under control!

  • This article will give you a list of things from one mama to another of ideas to make Ramadan fun for your little ones. As a mother, it is always easy to feel like we are not doing ‘enough’ or

  • Top tips for making mealtimes more manageable during weekends, holidays, and celebrations.

  • It is important to be playful as adults, make yourselves fully present & available, remain curious, and set aside quality time for our kids.

  • We all know vegetables are essential for good health. Children are picky eaters and they flat out refuse to even try vegetables. Read this blog to know how you can make your picky eater enjoy his/her veggies.

  • The benefits of yoga are just as amazing for a baby as they are for an adult. For babies yoga helps with their digestion, relieves colic and constipation, allows them to enjoy sleep patterns, entertains them through the repetitive movements,

  • FLUID PAINTING WITH PRIYANKA Priyanka thinks of her paintings as narrative and said: “The paintings practically speak to the viewer; each canvas has a story to tell and tell it with empathy, grace and a deep and abiding awareness of the

  •   Cooking is a mindful activity, that requires all attention and truly brings us into the moment. Make food preparation a teaching moment. Learn from nutritionist and mom, Kate Sheikh the recipe for healthy snacks on the go.

  •   How Mindful Parenting Can Help You Communicate Better with Your Children?  By Arpita Mitra Gupta