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Elements of Art

Art has traditionally been an important part of early childhood programs. Friedrich Froebel, the father of kindergarten, believed that young children should be involved in both making their own art and enjoying the art of others. To Froebel, art activities were important, not only because they allowed teachers and parents to recognize children with unusual abilities, but because they encouraged each child’s “full and all-sided development”. During summer camp I will be hosting six workshops that introduce children to the basic fundamentals of art through famous artists. Together we will explore six elements of art; line, color, texture, shape, value and form. Each workshop will give children an opportunity to use a variety of media and materials and experiment with ways of using them to create their own unique masterpieces inspired by some of the great artists. Each workshop will give children an overview of that specific skill where they will practice and apply. High quality arts or cultural experiences in early childhood can help children develop subsequent abilities in the arts which will be useful right through life. Early years arts and cultural activities can help children make sense of their cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual, linguistic, and moral development. Art experiences can impact positively on confidence, self-esteem, personal, social, emotional development and behavioural health, breaking down language barriers, cultural prejudices or societal differences, and leading to decreased social problems, reduced inequality and increased creativity.


The art classes will be happening at woo-hoo!, a state-of-the-art children’s museum in Dubai  located at Al Quoz Industrial Area 1. Aiming to fuel your little one’s enthusiasm and teach them while having loads of fun it is one of the top activities for kids in Dubai. Click here to book your ticket now.


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