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Emirati and Proud!

Luma is a home-grown brand owned by two sisters and working moms – Mama Mawe and Mama Tati. It was started with a dream of creating the best experiences for children worldwide and more importantly for children growing up in the UAE.

Emirati and proud! In a fast-changing environment, you can still raise bilingual children who are deeply connected to their roots. As they grow, the Luma Emirati Flash Cards will help them develop their appreciation for the UAE’s rich culture that will stay with them for life!

This UAE National Day, join us for two unique workshops at woo-hoo!. In the first workshop taking place on December 2nd, children will create their very own plush toy camel from scratch and will use their imagination by adding decoration, paint, and patterns to it. The little artists will add filling to the camel in the end and will be able to take their new plush pet home, we will also be offering Luma’s Year of the 50th puffy stickers as an additional activity!

This year’s UAE National Day celebration is a special one since it marks the 50th year of the country. To recognize this, woo-hoo! Luma & Medaf Studio has chosen the iconic UAE falcon and transferred it into a workshop that will teach the children interesting facts about it, while they create their own paper UAE falcon. Each child will also get a Luma Year of the 50th puffy stickers as part of the workshop to enjoy at home! This workshop will take place on December 3rd by 3:00 PM.

Both the workshops promise to explore the Emirati heritage & culture and will allow your child to hang on to sentimental traditions that make up who we are as a nation with our beautifully illustrated Emirati Flash Cards and Puffy Stickers. The perfect playful activity for your future little leader.

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