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woo-hoo! creates environments in its galleries, programs and events that cultivate meaningful bonds by offering experiences that are pertinent to families and promote community engagement. Here are the most frequent questions.

The general admission ticket you purchase allows you to stay at woo-hoo! for 2 hours.

we are open everyday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

woo-hoo! caters to kids aged 0-12. We have 10 galleries filled with over 50 interactive exhibits, a child-focused team, a full-service cafe, and exciting programs every week – woo-hoo! has something to excite every member of the family.

We love babies! Baby changing stations are provided in the ladies’ restroom. Mums who are breastfeeding can use our nursing room. Just ask one of our staff members to guide you to the nursing room while you are here.

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On purchase of a General Admission ticket, children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times to ensure their safety and well-being.
For the woo-time! drop off session children can be dropped off at woo-hoo! after which they will be taken care of by our educators.

woo-time! drop off is a session that happens at woo-hoo! where parents can drop off their kids for 3 hours. Children will be a part of various activities which will make them go woo-hoo!

Due to the current situation and in line with the regulations from the relevant authorities, we have put in place certain guidelines that are to be followed by everyone who is at woo-hoo! Please click on the below link to know more:


Yes, everyone is welcome at woo-hoo! Groups larger than 10 people must book the visit in advance. Kindly call 800WOOHOO for more information.

Yes, we have activities throughout the facility that were designed for children under 3. The Toddler’s Treehouse is a gallery specially designed for children that age. Please note that it is a sock-only gallery.

Yes, strollers are permitted, but we strongly recommend against bringing them along, as they will not be allowed inside the galleries and we have limited storage space to keep them. Also, all of our play areas are purposefully located on the ground floor to let our guests freely explore and have fun.

You can keep your belongings secure at the woo-hoo! locker area.

We recommend that your child wear sports clothing and sports shoes, it makes it easier for them to explore our various galleries.

Yes, the Toddler’s Treehouse is a shoe-free, sock-only gallery. Please carry an additional pair of socks for you and your little one to play in this space.

We require at least one adult for every five kids, noting that children must be supervised at all times.

Children with a contagious illness or who are not feeling well are advised to stay home to ensure their well-being and the safety of our visitors. Besides, children have to be healthy and fully rested to properly enjoy our facilities, right?

Shoes must be worn at all times except in the toddlers’ space, where only socks are required. We recommend that guests wear sturdy shoes that will allow them to climb, splash and cruse through all of our activities.

The Splash Lab at woo-hoo! has water which children can play with and they will get wet while playing in the rain arena. So you might want to bring a towel and a change of clothes.

Yes, we have a cafe serving tasty coffee, meals and treats. However, please note that food, drinks and gum are not permitted inside our galleries.

Absolutely! Children of all ages are welcome at woo-hoo!. We have a dedicated gallery, the Toddlers Treehouse, baby changing stations and nursing rooms for our youngest visitors.

You may bring your own change of clothing and socks as things tend to get messy during playtime.

No food from outside will be allowed inside woo-hoo except baby food.

Not for all the galleries, although for the Toddler’s Treehouse gallery they do need to have only the socks on. We recommend you carry a pair of socks with you incase your child is not wearing one.

Absolutely! Workshops at woo-hoo! are exciting and will push your little ones to be more creative. Click here to know more about the workshops at woo-hoo! this month.

The learning objectives at woo-hoo! are to explore, imagine, examine, move and connect. Each of these learning objectives spark curiosity, joy and excitement for children and adults alike as they play and learn together. All of our activities and workshops are based on our learning objectives and this ensures the child to develop problem solving techniques, helps them become critical thinkers, and great community members.

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