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Fluid Painting with Priyanka

Priyanka Vohra Anand is a Dubai based Artist and Photographer. She has been in the UAE since 1986. She attended college in Canada for General Arts and Sciences, after which she moved back to Dubai to pursue a career in both creative disciplines. Priyanka’s art has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and can be found on the walls of art lovers across Dubai, the Middle East, U.S, Europe and the U.K. She has also created commissioned artworks for interior projects, such as corporations, hotels and private clients around the world. She is also a passionate teacher and has taught hundreds of students around the world her techniques.


Priyanka began her artistic work with black and white photography that captured the form and depth of her subjects. From photography, she transitioned seamlessly into the realm of abstract painting and process painting. Her work focuses on the shapes, colors and physical properties of the paint itself. As a result, her paintings are fluid, dramatic, and powerful.


Process art emphasizes the artist’s manipulation of the materials and allows the viewers to almost trace the artist’s steps to create the work as the abstract forms embrace the material’s natural characteristics. Priyanka thinks of her paintings as narrative and said: “The paintings practically speak to the viewer; each canvas has a story to tell and tell it with empathy, grace and a deep and abiding awareness of the human condition and the roller coaster ride of emotions that mark every individual journey.” Priyanka’s work is playful, dynamic, and bold because she is comfortable experimenting with different textures, mediums, and approaches. She is always challenging herself to add fresh dimensions to her work.


In 2019, she battled and beat a rare brain Sarcoma and has come to so much more appreciate the balance of a life filled with love, light, and art. Art was an integral part of battling through life’s challenges for her in the aftermath and helped her release her concerns and anxieties by playing them onto her latest creations. It was through her ability to find expression she was able to stay optimistic, strong and grateful.


Priyanka will be conducting a fluid painting workshop at woo-hoo! on 17th February, Wednesday from 4PM – 5PM. woo-hoo! is a state-of-the-art children’s museum where we fuel children’s  enthusiasm by providing them with an engaging space that enables your little one will learn yet have fun. By providing workshops and an engaging space for kids woo-hoo! definitely comes under the top things to do with kids in Dubai.

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