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Make playtime educational for your kids!

Keep your kids from getting bored while keeping the toy box under control!

Get ready to make playtime more educational for your kids! As you may know, play is crucial for your child’s development which is why woo-hoo! is so excited to feature fun and educational toys from KIDDOS Toys Club in three of our galleries: the Creator Space, the Splash Lab, and the Toddler’s Treehouse.

About KIDDOS Toys Club

KIDDOS Toys Club is an innovative monthly toys rental concept that aims to reduce the number of toys wasted, and in turn help parents save money on buying new toys to entertain their kids.

Here is why it is great to be a member of the KIDDOS Toys Club: you can get a variety of educational and fun toys from the world’s award-winning and hard-to-find brands, shipped right to your door; your kid can play with the toys to their heart’s content, and then when they lose interest the toys get exchanged for new ones (every 4 weeks).

Their concept is fairly new here in the UAE. It is perfect especially for younger kids who constantly want something new and get bored easily. Meanwhile, you get to save so much time from researching for toys your kids can benefit from. They know your pursuit of toys that provide fun and learning for your kid’s holistic development. Allow their experts to determine the fitting toys for your kids, based on their interests, age, and learning capabilities.

Every parent knows this struggle all too well – toys left cluttered all over the house. Now, because you can return the toys your kids are done playing with, you get to go the minimalist route from here on out. If you are concerned about the sanitation aspect of these toys, KIDDOS can assure you that every single toy undergoes thorough cleaning and sanitization. Your child’s safety is their highest priority. 

With fewer toys that go to waste, you get to save the environment too. Most of the brands they have partnered with are those that are very conscious about their carbon impact and have some nature-loving initiatives, to boot! Click the link to their website to learn more about them:


woo-hoo! is a state-of-the-art children’s museum located in Al Quoz. With 10 different galleries and over 50 exhibits, woo-hoo! is where your little one’s dreams come to life. It is filled with hands-on exhibits and based on the principal development skills that children need to be successful problem-solvers, critical thinkers and community members. With all these features, woo-hoo! easily falls under the list of must go-to places and is one of the best activities for kids in Dubai.

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