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Top Tips from educators
to make CVC word learning fun

If you have a kindergartener, chances are that you have come across CVC. In this article you will understand what are CVC words, why are they important and also get equipped with some educational resources and ideas to make CVC words learning fun.

So let’s get started right away!

1. What are CVC words?

CVC stands for ‘consonant-vowel-consonant’, this means

  • a short vowel words beginning with a consonant
  • followed by a short vowel
  • ending with a consonant.

Bat, dad, pen, nib, nut, cot are examples for CVC words.

CVC words are generally the first words kindergarteners learn once they know their sounds. In CVC words, all the sounds are as expected in phonics and any sound that is not an expected phonics sound is excluded from the CVC word list even if it is 3 letter and follows the first CVC rule.

CVC words are based on short sounds, will not have any silent words and will follow the phonetic sounds.

2. Fun activities for teaching CVC words at home

So now that you know the CVC meaning, our team of phonics and language experts have listed these fun activities you could try at home to make CVC learning easy and engaging.

1. DIY Duplo CVC block

You will need;

Old duplo/ building blocks

Permanent marker or lower case alphabet stickers

Word blocks are a fun, hands on way, to work on associating the words to the pictures, blending and building CVC words and enhance fine motor skills through play. Instead of writing words, which some kids my find boring or difficult, with these simple letter Lego blocks you can build words!

2. Fairy Dust writing tray

Create an enchanting CVC word blending and writing practice by first getting the kids to make their fairy dust then building CVC words using cool unicorn word builder cards and finally tracing the words in their fairy dust. The sensory tray activities for beginners is best done with CVC word cards having pictures. Once the kids have mastered the word picture match and blending, get to the next phase of them arranging the letter cards to form their own CVC words and then practice tracing them on sand with a brush, stick or just their fingers.

Toddle’s Magic and Superhero Learning Box includes this kit as one of the 10 activities to develop pre-school learning milestones at home.

3.CVC Hopscotch

Amplify the fun and create a CVC hopscotch using some sideway chalk in your house, or even better on a walkway outside.

Call out the words and your child could hop to them. The second alternative is for your child to shout out the word when the hop to each block.

The great thing about using hopscotch to learn phonics and words is that you can simply wipe off and start the next day with new words, its guaranteed fun, a great gross motor skill activity and takes the learning outside the house.

4.Best CVC words toy – Vowel car

These fun car-shaped word stackers keep children engaged for hours on end with numerous challenges – from picture association to shape slotting and fitting the right vowel between consonants. The final outcome is delightful as children can read any three letter Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) word.

Set includes 5 bases each fixed with a geometrical shape and printed with a vowel, 50 cars printed with the picture of a 3 letter word and it’s first and last letters.

This is a recommended learning toy for CVC words, blending, stacking and fine motor skills for ages 2.5 to 4 years.

To buy your Vowel Car click here.

Make CVC words learning fun with;
  1. DIY CVC building blocks
  2. Build a sensory CVC writing tray
  3. Hop along the CVC words with a game of hopscotch outdoors.
  4. Select the best CVC toy grows with your child.

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