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Mealtime Milestones

ezpz product

ezpz is a women-owned small business helping parents and little ones nurture independence at mealtime.

At ezpz, we give parents the tools and knowledge to teach their babies and toddlers to feed independently. Each product is tailored towards a specific age group and usage occasion. The mat’s stable base helps the baby/toddler self-feed and meet key developmental milestones.

Mealtime Milestones

Did you know that there are developmental milestones for feeding and swallowing? We are here to help you navigate and achieve these mealtime milestones for infants (6-12 months) and toddlers (12 months-3 years). These ezpz tips should help your kiddos become independent eaters and drinkers!

Tips should help your kiddos become independent eaters and drinkers!

What are the mealtime milestones?

Infant milestones 6m+

  • Lip Control– Having babies learn to close their lips on an open cup or spoon is a feeding milestone critical for safe swallowing. Improve lip control with the: Tiny CupTiny Spoon
  • Drink from an Open Cup (Held by an Adult)– Developmentally, at 6 months of age, a baby should transition from breast/bottle to sips from an open cup held by an adult (not a sippy cup). Improve cup drinking skills with the: Tiny Cup
  • Hold and Bring Object / Spoon to Mouth– The properly sized Tiny Spoon helps baby move their jaw, cheeks, tongue and upper lip in order to decreased gagging associated with stating solids. Improve baby-led spoon feeding with: Tiny Spoon
  • Ready for Thin, Thick and Lumpy Purees– The unique oval shape encourages infants to easily see inside the bowl, making eye-hand coordination for self-feeding more successful. Improve feeding skills with the: Tiny BowlToddler milestones 12m+
  • Ready for Soft Foods (at 6 Months)– Baby led weaning (BLW) starts at 6 months of age. Since the Mini Mat suctions to the table, it supports stability and posture, allowing baby to pick up strips of food easily. Improve feeding skills with: Mini Mat

Rake (Grasp) Objects and Food – Baby can easily rake up foods, making self-feeding more productive since the Mini Mat stays put with it’s suction feature. Improve raking grasp with: Mini Mat

Little Kids milestones 24m+

  • Able to bite through a variety of food thicknesses–  Suction feature makes self-feeding more successful, which means toddlers can practice eating a variety of food textures. Improve feeding skills with: Happy Mat 
  • Able to finger-feed soft foods–  Suction stability helps make snacking and mealtime an opportunity to practice and achieve feeding independence. Improve finger-feed with: Happy Bowl

For more information on feeding tips and milestones, you can check out the blogs on our www.ezpzfunme.com, or follow us on Instagram and access our wealth of educational videos on feeding and weaning. 


The ezpz products will be sold in woo-hoo!’s in-house cafe – The Nest. At woo-hoo! we aim to support parents in their parenting journey and to equip them with products that make their lives easy. In the process we also encourage children and have always been very vocal about picking up healthy eating habits right from a small age. woo-hoo! is a state-of-the-art children’s museum located in Dubai. With 10 different galleries woo-hoo! is a place where we equip children to explore the world around them and learn things through hands-on activities.

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