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Muma’s Momo’s now served at woo-hoo!

Special momo’s are now being served at woo-hoo!’s café The Nest. 

Dumplings, made by a mum and served by us. 

Muma’s Momo’s are made with the special touch of a mother’s warmth, and are catered for the hungry children in all of us at The Nest café in woo-hoo! The dumplings are made with the best of ingredients, by skilled craftsmen to create the delicious satisfaction given with every bite. 

For those who travelled around the world and for those who might not have travelled; we can bring all those famous dumplings to you.

With an extra dip of awesomeness, have a dumpling with Muma’s Momo’s signature dip for a taste of heaven. 

They specialize in making all kinds of steamed dumplings which can be freshly steamed, or cooked and then frozen for your convenience.


Interesting fact: Dumplings have their own names from all around the world. 

Wontons in China

Gyozas in Japan

Ravioli in Italy

Pierogi in Poland

Siomai in Indonesia

Khinkali in Georgia

Momo’s in India


Visit woo-hoo! and get your very own culinary experience of Muma’s Momo’s famous dumplings.

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