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Principles of Art and Design
By Chloe

Discovering the Principles of Art and Design will develop your child’s journey in building a solid foundation for creating art through practical skills. During these four workshops we will explore some of these principles:


Contrast adds visual excitement and adds interest to a piece of artwork, it demonstrates contrast in size and temperature through value, colour, textures and shapes. Children will learn how to use a pencil and crayon to shade through various methods of hatching and cross- hatching, creating a piece of optical illusion art applying the skills of shading.


Using ink, children will develop their shape and design skills through shading and drawing, creating repeating patterns using lines and shape. They will discover the world of Zentangles and create their own tangle designs before applying them to a final design of a giraffe.


Unity makes a piece of artwork feel complete, as all the elements are in harmony with each other. Children will learn the basics of applying and layering watercolours to build value as well as developing the process of enlarging an image using a grid system ready for painting. Children will create their own enlarged watercolor woodland creature to take home.


Through still life we will learn about the composition of a collection of still life objects, developing perspective and how value and size play an important role when drawing such as symmetry. The final still life piece can be painted or colored applying the previous skills attained through the previous workshops.

Chloe will be conducting art classes at woo-hoo!, a state-of-the-art children’s museum located in Al Quoz, Industrial Area 1. The Principles of Art classes are scheduled to be held every Tuesday in the month of August from 10AM – 1PM. This is best for kids aged 11-14 years old. It is a group of workshops that will help your child explore and develop their creative ability.

The Elements of Art workshop is scheduled to be held every Friday in the month of August from 2PM – 3PM until the 20th of August. Visit https://book.woo-hoo.ae/ to book your ticket right away!


Chloé Boughton is a self-taught artist, born in the United Kingdom and currently based in Dubai. Her process is to create art that tells a story, to give a voice to the voiceless, and show the spirit of their innocence. Other benefits of this class includes increasing motor skills, helping your child be more creative and the best part? You get to spend more time bonding with your little one.



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