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programs & events

With a wide range of exciting programs and thrilling events, there’s never a dull moment at woo-hoo!.

Every visitor is sure to find something that sparks their interest.

Splash Camp

Date: From 17th October until 10th October 2021

Time: 8:30AM to 1:30PM

Price per child: 

Early Bird

890 AED – 5 Days

200 AED – 1 Day


Best for children 4 years old and above.


Midterm break is ahead of us and we have a great set of activities to keep your little ones engaged. The woo-hoo! midterm Splash camp is here which means your little ones will be learning all about water, its components and diving deep into knowing its properties. The camp is designed for kids aged 4-9 years old.

The aqua theme is sure to please your little ones as we extensively examine and experiment the physical properties of water. Your child will explore the scientific properties through various hands-on activities. These activities are sure to enhance their problem solving techniques and will engage them in exploratory play while they also discover fun facts about water.

T&Cs Apply

After-school Activities 


Date: Every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday in September

Time: 2:00PM – 5:00PM

Time: 3:00PM – 6:00PM

Price per child:

500 AED – 5 Classes

900 AED – 10 Classes


Best for children 4 years old and above.


After-school activities are a great way to expose children to new interests and develop current interests. This is also a great opportunity for your child to evolve socially and make new bonds and relationships. In their time at woo-hoo! they  will have an opportunity to carry on learning in a structured environment while still exploring self interests and practicing independence. It is always important to remember that learning doesn’t end with the school bell rings. Children are constantly learning and growing and they can continue that growth while delving into current interests or cultivating new ones! We are excited to announce our new after-school activities for children that we will have available weekly throughout term 1 Sunday-Wednesday from 2pm-6pm.


Toddler Mornings
for Working Parents


Date: Sundays to Wednesdays in September

Time: 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Price per child: AED 110

General Admission for 1 adult and 1 toddler
1 free coffee
2 hours facilitated toddler play


Best for children 4 years old and below.


We know it is not easy working from home with a toddler around, while at the same time balancing between providing your child with the attention and activities this age needs. woo-hoo! Toddler Mornings for working parents aims to help with these 2 hours per day where parents just need to focus and get things done while our educators keep the children engaged with stimulated play and exploration.
Running Sundays to Wednesdays in September, the admission includes 1 free coffee for the parent and 2 hours facilitated play for one child at woo-hoo!



Thursdays : 2:00 PM- 5:00 PM

Saturdays: 10:00 AM -1:00 PM

Price per child: AED 180 per child



Best for children aged between 4 – 8 years old


Parents can drop off their kids for 3 hours at woo-hoo! for a fun-filled time. They will have time for gallery play and hands-on activities with the woo-hoo! educators.




Sensory Storytime
Messy Masterpieces


Date: Every Tuesday & Wednesday in September (22nd, 28th & 29th)

Time: 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Price per child: AED 70


Best for children 4 years old and under


This class will develop early literacy in toddlers through fun storytelling and creating a piece of art based on the stories for the day. Children will first explore classic stories through engaging and interactive storytelling. Then they will get a chance to practice their dance moves and singing skills with a few songs. After this, children will have time to create their own masterpieces with non-toxic paint and materials. This class will not only kick start their love of reading but also help to develop key skills like communication, gross and fine motor skills, socialising and more

Toddler Time


Dates: Every Thursday & Friday in September (23rd, 24th & 30th)


Price: AED 70


Best for children aged 4 and under.


This class will help get our youngest guests moving and exploring the world around them. Sensory play is so much fun but it has so many amazing benefits. The greatest benefit is that your little one will help their brain grow by sparking curiosity in the different responses from playing with different colors, textures, sounds and tastes. This is key for their brain to create neural pathways for their brain to be able to grasp information in the future. 

Slime Science


Date: Every Saturday in September (from 4th – 25th)

Time: 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:30PM, 4:30PM

Duration: 30 minutes

Price per child: AED 60


Best for children 4 years old and above


Just like everything around us, slime has A LOT of science behind it! Curated with our young slime scientists in mind, these workshops aim to introduce your children to some tips, tricks, fun facts and new ways to prepare their favourite slime and feel like a real scientist along the way!.

with Chloé


Date: Every Friday (from 10th September – 8th October 2021) 

Time: 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Price per child: AED 130


Best for children 4 years old and above


 Mindfulness for children develops the practice of bringing a gentle and accepting attitude to the present moment, it helps them connect with their thoughts and feelings, improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Through learning mindfulness children develop an awareness of self and thus are able to use various tools and techniques to practice mindfulness through breathing, body scans, music and movement, imaginative meditations and expressive art.


Art Masters


Date: Every Friday (from 10th September – 8th October 2021)

10th Sept: Cindi Rose – Silhouette Art 

17th Sept: Jackson Pollock – Splatter Art 

24th Sept: Frida Kahlo – Portrait Art 

1st Oct: Mat Miller –  Illustration Art 

8th Oct: Japanese Cherry Blossom Art – Sakura Art

Time: 4:00PM – 5:30PM

Price per child: AED 130


Best for children 4 years old and above


Guest instructor Chloé Boughton will be leading these workshops that will explore different art masters and the techniques that they used to create their art. Children will learn about the different styles of painting and then create their own works of art. All materials and supplies will be provided.