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UAE National Day

Learning the history of this glorious country

The UAE turns 50 this year. With 50 years of achievements, progress, opportunities, and success; it is a privilege for us to call the United Arab Emirates our home – A land that has given us so much.

As two Emirati moms, we work full time and have families, but took this opportunity to share with the world the gift of sustainable meaningful play, all made here in the UAE – From the UAE and about the UAE, through Eezee Doodles. A country of tolerance with people from all over the globe, we wanted to make sure that our products reflected that we cater to everyone through play. Our products are simple but hold so much value, they promote imagination, creativity, and learning through play. Be it learning about the universe or UAE’s culture, Eezee Doodles is your go-to. Another fun aspect we wanted to encourage is good quality family time. Our products can be used to encourage families to come together and children to play together, so don’t be surprised if you find us at an Eid celebration or a Christmas party because we promise hours of endless fun.

The partnership with woo-hoo! is just a perfect fit because both our brands prioritize learning through play and want to encourage sustainability from a young age.

At the DIY UAE National Day Masterpiece workshop, expect your children to be encouraged to learn about the UAE and listen to other children’s experiences here on what makes this country special. We want to get them thinking and will also spend time teaching them a few things about the history of the UAE. We will go through some words, learn what they are called in Arabic, tell them the meaning of it and encourage them to doodle.

Did you know that the “Barjeel” (wind tower) was used in the past as a form of air conditioning against the heat? The towers were used to direct the flow of the wind so that air could be recirculated as a home cooling technique in the past. We will be discussing more on this topic in-depth and so much more at the workshop on2nd & 3rd December 2021.

We hope they come out of this workshop having learned a new skill, what’s more, we want them to learn more about the UAE and encourage talking about it with their families and friends and of course, share their new masterpiece.

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