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Value of Recycling

At woo-hoo!, we want to do our part to reduce waste and reuse materials. Our guests might have noticed how we encourage children to repurpose everyday materials that have already been used while they are at our Creator Space gallery. Recycling is vital for many reasons that affect the future of all children, moreover, it is the easiest way we can protect our environment. When you finish a bottle of water or a box of cereal, it is important to remember to recycle or reuse for these reasons:

  • Save our natural resources and wildlife. 
  • Reduces pollution 
  • Reduce landfill waste 

 We offer different project cards for children to reuse these recycled materials and apply their imagination to create unique masterpieces. Children are also encouraged to use their creative thinking skills and develop their creations and stories to the projects that they freestyle. At home, it is important that you encourage your child to continue this. Many times we have a problem with the idea of having empty boxes and containers lying around but oftentimes children see these as a blank canvas to create!

This month we would like to help our guests focus on the importance of recycling. We will run a recycling drive this month and hope that many of you will participate in helping us do our part to protect the environment! 

We hope that by bringing light to the importance of the subject and our handling of recycled materials, that you and your family will be inspired to follow suit!

woo-hoo! is a state-of-the-art children’s museum located in Al Quoz, Industrial Area 1, Dubai. We have 10 different galleries with over 50 exhibits making woo-hoo! a must visit place in Dubai.  

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