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woo-hoo! in 2022

By Joanna Alleyne

Thank you for joining us at woo-hoo! on the first year of our journey serving you! We have enjoyed too many firsts over the past 3,789 hours, 421 days, 60 weeks, and 14 months! We had the pleasure; of experiencing our first camp, workshops, Ramadan, Eid, Halloween, and Christmas. We look forward, to facilitating many more hours of family fun and bonding.

This coming year we will increase the ways that we support the parents. Whether you are a new parent; or well experienced, the parenting journey is unique to each child! In January, we will offer different complimentary parenting sessions covering topics such as; conscious parenting, mindfulness, picky eating, benefits of play, and much more.

In addition to this, we will be inviting our favourite art instructor back for sessions with a new twist. Next month will feature art sessions that are family-focused. These classes are a great opportunity for parents to work with their children and create a masterpiece while spending quality time together. We want to use our knowledge and connections to support the family unit; as a whole. There will also be many more hours of workshops and programs; with smiles, laughter, and joy. From our family to yours, we hope that you had a great 2021 and that 2022 will bring even more adventures, family time, and bonding!

woo-hoo! is a state-of-the-art children’s museum with 50+ interactive exhibits perfect to explore their imagination & more importantly learn through creative play.. By providing workshops and an engaging space for kids woo-hoo! definitely comes under the top things to do with kids in Dubai.


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